Burma: My Father and the Forgotten Army – Modern Television UK

Asia Film Fixers worked tirelessly with Modern Television UK for over 12 months to ensure their production of Griff Rhys-Jones very personal account of his fathers WWII experience, made it to air. Planning and pre-production research was extensive on this project, as it involved traveling into very remote parts of Myanmar, where no western crew [...]

Hamish & Andy’s Asian Gap Year

It was a pleasure working with Radio Karate to produce Australia’s Number 1 entertainment show “Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year Asia”. Asia Film Fixers provided production support, location scouting, fixing, props and location management for the three weeks that the Hamish and Andy crew traveled through Vietnam and Cambodia. Our local fixers provided the ‘on [...]

Top Gear: Trucking in Burma

When Asia Film Fixers’ founder, Terry Gordon, received the call from producers at the BBC in London, requesting to attend a meeting in Yangon, Myanmar, he knew there was a huge opportunity on the way. Once the normal greeting formalities were completed, the producers revealed that they wanted Asia Film Fixers to provide production support, [...]

Big Ben in Vietnam – Channel 7 Sunday Night

Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG has a new mission: In this special report for Sunday Night he travels to Vietnam with a group of veterans to revisit the haunting battlegrounds of Long Tan. Asia Film Fixers provided all the local support, translation, transport, accommodation and fixing. It was a pleasure working with Channel 7 [...]