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Here’s What We Do

Fixing & Production Support

Asia Film Fixer will arrange all the documentation, personnel, accommodation and transportation your project requires.

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Asia Film Fixers arrange all film and location permits for crews working in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Scouting & Location Management

We comb the streets, provinces and paddy-fields of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to find interesting and unique locations for features and productions.

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Equipment & Crew

If you require camera, lighting, sound or a production crew in Vietnam or South East Asia, we can source suitably qualified candidates and negotiate contracts.

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Where Are We?


Asia Film Fixers operates in:




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The Asia Film Fixer Difference

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40+ years entertainment industry experience in the US, UK and Australia. And over 40 years experience in South East Asia.

Our network across SE Asia is unrivalled with carefully selected suppliers and partners who share our work ethic


We respond quickly and efficiently to your requests – we recognize the sense of urgency the industry requires and expects.

We create the right mix of local and international talent to meet the needs of your shoot AND your budget.


We select, train and mentor the next generation of local fixers. So they understand the requirements of an international shoot.

We encourage production companies to shoot here, bringing work, money and new skills to the region.

Some of Our Recent Projects

On location around Asia with Top Gear, BBC America, The Travel Channel, Modern Television UK, Hamish & Andy and the 7pm Project. View all credits.

Who Are the Asia Film Fixers?

Fix·er (fĭkˈsər)

1: One that fixes: a person or thing that fixes
2.Informal: A person who uses influence or makes arrangements for another

Asia Film fixer (ā′z̸hə, film, fĭkˈsər)

1. A film production ‘fixing’ and location management service that influences and makes arrangements throughout South East Asia and deals with problems or difficult situations creatively and effectively.